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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  July 6, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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okay, but still, 102 out to the west and culpepper. 102 down 95 and fredericksburg. up to the north of baltimore, it's 101 after a blistering temperature of 105. notice that the numbers don't change much when you talk about heat index. not very much humidity in the air. you just can't get it had hot and humid at the same time. and a good example, if miami never hits 100 because you're surrounded by water. it's a pretty dry air mass. no left hot. but the good news there is not heat index to worry about. the records now, a new record high in baltimore. 105 shattering the mark of 99. and we just missed our record high of 102. 103 rather. for and we get 102. now, the heat advisory will continue until 11:00. that means heat industries will be about 105 to 109 tomorrow. and that is a temperature that you feel when you combine the air temperature also with humidity. we'll come back and talk about that. when some relief rolls in. >> all right, topper. well, the heat could turn a
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hot afternoon into a matter of life or death. that's a case for one family whose air-conditioning unit is not working properly. lindsey mastis visited the family in their montgomery village apartment. >> reporter: it's 82 degrees inside this apartment. there are fans blowing, they are trying to keep this place cool. if it gets too hot, this child could die. >> she has chronic lung disease, and she has a malformation of the brain. >> reporter: her mother said that her daughter's health condition is dire and that the heat causes the baby to run a dangerous fever. she told management about problems with the air conditioner back in may. >> it wasn't blowing any air at all. at one time. and actually what happenedded is hike having no air-
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conditioning. the fan that made it run was working, but it was not circulating air. >> reporter: the problem wasn't getting fixed and she didn't know where to turn. eventually, a montgomery county code inspector cited the company for several violations. including the problem with the air conditioner. >> i had to buy one. >> reporter: the company fixed most of the problems. offcam are, representatives assure us that they are actively working on her air conditioner. but the problem isn't exactly clear. so they are trying different remedies. meanwhile, it's getting hot. >> i have seen it as high as 90. >> reporter: she said that she just wants the air-conditioning fixed. it's not for her own comfort, to keep her alive. in montgomery village, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. and will and lindsay is being told that in this type of the situation, it's best to contact your landlord first. if a problem is not fixed in a reasonable time, then contact the county where you live. you can report these problems
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by dialing 311. if you need relief from the heat during the day and you live in virginia, you can go to any community center, recreation center or library. prince william county residence could go to for specific cooling center locations. and if you live in maryland in montgomery county, residence there could call them. prince george's county residence call 301-265-8450. if you lick in the district, just dial 3-1-1. you'll find a complete list of the locations on you'll want to click at the banner on the top of the page. well, power problems are another concern during this blistering heat. bruce leshan is still out in northeast, where a few hundred people are really suffering because of an outage there, bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lesli. what a miserable time to lose power ask air-conditioning. they were hoping to have the power back on by 6:00. but you can see that the work is still going on right here
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behind me. and out along here, there are actually people down in the trenches, literally, underneath the truck here. doing what they are trying to do to get the power restored. you can see them along here. throwing a whole lot of resources to add this to try to get it fixed. take a look at the video tape. i want you to look at this closely. it's about 200 feet of the charred electrical cable. and the feeder lines. and a neighbor says that early last night, not that early, they heard a soft explosion and then they looked out and saw the manholes, gushing, just smoke out from under them. apparently what happened is just too much demand. plus the heat got into that electrical area. maybe 150 degrees down there. the combination of those two factors just said all that cable on fire. whatever it is, cheryl said that she is uncomfortable. >> a little warmer than heck.
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>> it is just miserable. >> yeah. >> the basement is not tood bad. but the rest of the house is among there. >> 95, 100. >> upstairs, it's about 95. >> when the fires on the ground go out. you need to go underground. you need to walk. you need to find that fault. you need to have that to wire. and you've got to pull it out of that very small tight area. >> reporter: now, that cable probably look pretty substantial to you. but in the modern age, they said it's a little bit like an out-of-date extension cord. so many people have computers and tvs, big screen tvs and so forth. that there is just much of a demand. a combination of the air- conditioning and so forth to end the heat that apparently caused all this trouble. lesli? >> yeah, it's a crazy energy surge, that's for sure. all right, bruce, thank you for that. >> we have regular heat index. you can find them on in other news, they tell us
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that this heat might be causing problems for trains, running up and down the northeast corridor. a train running north out of dc, lost some power near trenton, new jersey. passengers had to transfer to another train. and then a train headed south out of new york lost all the power. those passengers, they had to hit a ride on another train too. >> well in the time it takes to say that this is a stickup, bank customers turned into crime fighters. they helped police catch a man suspected of robbing two banks. a pnc bank it be had germantown and then an hour later, a pnc bank if many damascus. witnesses helped police latch on to the suspect's trail. one guy even followed in his own car for a while. and eventually, the suspect drove down the dead end. up to gravel road and through a corn field. >> i look out my window and i see a red camry. come out of my corn. and i was like what the heck is that? coming about 60 miles an hour. >> that's when police caught up with him. he tried to run down an officer
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who was on foot. and that officer opens fire and hits the suspect in the neck. he's in the hospital in pretty bad shape. police, they did not release his name. and the search is on tonight for the shooter who killed a college student over the weekend. the 19-year-old was killed at the recreation is there in northeast dc. saturday morning. the university student interned for pennsylvania congressman. tonight, friends and family are holding a candle light visual in his honor. while the justice department made a move to try to stop arizona's new immigration law. we'll catch you up on that story and plus, president obama and israeli prime minister, finally seem to be seeing eye- to-eye on the issue of peace. later, more on today's heat alert and how some workers are surviving in these sweltering temperatures. plus, topper is back with the current tips. >> had you know what, we're looking at the numbers. they are finally in. officially at national. only 102. we missed it by one degree.
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105 in baltimore was a record high. average is 88 and 71. we'll come back and talk about whether or not we have a better chance of breaking record highs tomorrow. right now, here is peggy fox with a tip on how to beat the heat. >> reporter: instead of eating big meals, eat smaller meals throughout the day. eating a heavy meal causes your body to burn more energy. and the solution is to eat smaller more frequent meals throughout the day. here is anotherred idea -- another idea. spicy food makes you sweat and helps make you cool. putting jalapenos and a little bit of texas pete on here.
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we've got breaking news out
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of fredericks bug -- fredericksburg, virginia. a company spokesperson says that three to six cars carrying coal left the tracks, but there are no injuries. the derailment is not expected to affect the am track passenger services. and we'll continue to monitor this news and bring you more informs as soon as it becomes available. president obama tells the u.s. israeli bond unbreakable. he and israeli prime minister met face-to-face in the oval officed today, talk about the peace process. it is their second meeting in four months. most analysts say that their first meeting went badly. but this time, both sides made it clear that peace is their goal and their alliance is strong. >> i'm committed to the peace. and this peace will better the lives of israelis of palestinians, and it will certainly change our region. >> israel also wants something. they want the u.s. to put more
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effort into stopping iran's nuclear program. they see it as a serious threat to its security. the u.s. justice department made good on a promise. they filed a lawsuit, challenging the constitutionality of arizona's new law targeting illegal immigrants. that suit was filed in u.s. district court in phoenix on tuesday. president obama called the state's law misguided. supporters say that it's a reasonable reaction to the inaction on illegal immigration. queen elizabeth is in new york tonight. she addressed the united nations. the queen last spoke at the u.n. in 1957 four years after she was crowned. the queen also is scheduled to lay a wreath at ground zero in honor of the thousands who died there on 9/11. coming up next on 9news now. >> well, they say it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. guess what, it's even tougher on days like this coming up next, we'll tell you how construction workers are coping. copd makes it hard for me to breathe.
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about 101 des. and they have been out there grazing the heat all day. you have been with some folks where air-conditioning is just not an option if many >> reporter: and just hearing you say 101 degrees. i almost couldn't believe it. even though that i have been out here all dallon. fortunately, i have been out here and in the ac. so i have had a little bit of the peak. but a lot of these folks, especially the guys that the construction workers here it in columbia heightsthey have had no peaks at all. a lot of them just say that you need to find some shades or wear a hat to try to shield yourself from the sun. and we stop by several job sights to find out how workers were coping. this crew repairing roads in bethesda, drinking plenty of water while laying down that seeming asphalt. and the asphalt, by the way, 320 degrees. and it's ten degrees hotter than normal up on this f roof. roofers tell us that they wore sun blocks, hydrate, and they take plenty of peaks. of -- breaks.
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>> we don't push that out there. you know, if they want to save that there, and the pc and the breaks, it is obviously value. and had take the water coolers here. that's about it. that's all you can do. find the shades sometimes. >> reporter: and when you can't find shade if you're not that lucky, cover up like these workers. be many of the folks that we talk to today, said that the key to working all day long in this hot weather is to really start very early in the morning. so hopefully by midday, you're all wrapped up. we're live here in columbia heights, 9news now. >> all right, thank you. and now the traffic, which is heating up, of course. we want to know though patranya bhoolsuwan, if this is causing delays on metroment >> we do have issues not relating to the heat. they just have disruption at the rhode island avenue. the heat is causing both these rail lines to run about 10 to
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15 minutes behind schedule because of the heat order issue. it will be slow and from triangle, at lot of people getting through this commute. i bet you are. especially when you see that on the screen. all right, my goodness. it's tough. >> if you're on the beltway, your car could actually register 105, 108. so it is crazy. >> it's not uncommon to see them pull on the ride because they could simply not handle the heat. >> if there is any doubt, you might want to get them checked out. it's a repeat performance tomorrow and a little bit of the relief in sight. here is your forecast first. and the next three days, talking about triple digits. oh, it's 102 today. and the low is 77.
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but let's take a live look outside, shall we? i don't know why that is up. and it is actually clear out. it's not humid. let's try that again. >> okay. now let's try it again and see the next three days, shall we? triple digits again tomorrow. obviously some record highs fall. and then, you know, we're splitting here. we're going down a little bit. 95 on thursday. maybe some storms. then 92 on friday. and also some storms. so tomorrow really is going to be the last really super hot day. here is your breakdown now. tomorrow morning, 80. that's by 7:00. mid-90s by lunchtime. and 100 degrees by evening. so get ready for another hot day again. not that humid, but plenty hot. 101 right now in national. 97 in gaithersburg. 102 in frederick. this is why we say do not exercise in the evening after the sun goes down. you have to exercise in the morning. 101 still in fredericksburg and 95 over on the water for annapolis. now for tonight, clear skies to
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partly cloudy skies. warm, low temperatures in the 70s. we're talking about upper 70s downtown around 70 in the burbs. winds are out of the north at 5 to 10. by the morning, heat advisory, mostly sunny f. just hot by lunchtime. 75 to 95. mostly sunny, very hot. winds are out of the north. not a much big breeze to help us with the heat. and even down to the south and the west and we're talking about 101 in fairfax. >> you talk about the outside story. and nationals, 9. set back in 91. dulles is 101 set back in 1998 which by the the way is extremely hot summer. both are if many jeopardy.
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and certainly the record at ink. if are west of the divide, you'll probably need to make 90. if you'reif you're east, you'll pressed not to make 100. 98 with sunshine. 100 in westchester, leesburg. 99 in warrenton. and 102 tomorrow in culpepper. downtown, and 100. that'll break the record. 100 in andrews. heading down in southern maryland. temperatures are 99 to 100 as well. upper 90s for annapolis, no winds. and the next seven days. triple digits tomorrow. then 95 on thursday. a few storms that will make it feel a little better. then the low 90s on friday. and the weekend temperatures, either side, of 90s. the storms are possib on saturday. and the temperatures kind of creep back a little bit next week back into the low 90s on monday and tuesday with just a few showers here and there. and we have not next 48
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hours. >> all right, you, topper. we're geing to the end of the cup. >> almost a month since we have been doing have three games lef including a facial. and plus, you could still stuff is next. [ static ]
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u we are breaking you news about lindsey lohan. and also to probation for the substance abuse. she apparently violated her probation that was instituted back in 2007. it was a drug case. and the judge said she failed to attend the drug ordered education classes.
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and we told you that there was a possibility that this could happen at some point today. and now we have learned that the judge, they have indeed ruled that lindsay lohan will be going to jail. this is a live shot of her if the had courtroom as she learns this information. and we're bringing it to you right now. okay, if uruguay got into a war with connecticut, connecticut would outnumber them. that's how small the nation is. startinged to, they were just one win away. in the first of the two semi finals. don't say that soccer isn't a contact sport. it had is contact right out here to the face. and he had to be removed. anyone would have to be removed. this would make them feel
6:27 pm
better. and inside the far post. for the first time since 78, the netherlands reach the final cup finals. reaching them 3-2 and they are going racy in amsterdam. whatever happens, the world cup winner will be from europe. tomorrow's second semi finals between germany and spain. they are having won it in 2006. you can stuff them out there. but a greater concern is how many of his teammates will be gone when he gets back from the all-star break. with the nats now 11 games under0. there is increasing speculation that they will try to deal adam dunn or josh willingham or both in the coming days.
6:28 pm
i don't want to focus much on the series or the remaining two series before the peak. and i think that good things are going to happen to this ball club. and we start tonight and we move on. >> as for tonight's game, they go for the nats. the e.r.a. still under three. taking on richard clayton who is indiana's mr. baseball and mr. football when he was a senior if many high school. by the way, the first move in that chest game, that is lebron james' future that mite have been maded today. to send chris bosch to the the cavaliers. they are the the two guys that they want to partner with to form that super deal thecal pave the way for james to stay
6:29 pm
home in cleveland. in fact, they have the same agent. and staying in the midwest, what is in place for the star that went 7th overall. and become the highest pick to sign so far. he was the biggest rookie of the year. state three, a airy that went over that bay and the guys were all over the place. in fact, he had a flat tire. and they went on the stage >> we are still who we are and you are who


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